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Korean Cultural Notes
Here are some notes about the culture, society, language, history, music, movies, food, alcohol, lifestyle and just about anything else I wondered about whilst I lived in South Korea.

This started life as the diary / blog of a first-time EFL Teacher in the Far East

What did I think of Korea?  Well, read and find out. . .   

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Cultural, Natural, Social and general photos.

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Date Diary Entry Cultural Content
2002.9.11 Visa Run To Japan Working Visa process
2002.9.21         Chu'sok - Korean Thanksgiving Ancestory Worship and Sexism
2002.9.24 History and Hiking Clear Trails and Commie Traitors
2002.9.30 To Teach and to Learn For Profit EFL Teaching
2002.10.5 Alien Nation Western Names for Eastern People
2002.10.12 Transfer Of Knowledge Folk Games and Superstitions
2002.10.19 Asian Games Busan Asian Games 2002
2002.10.26 Patriot Games How Locals deal with Foreigners
2002.11.4 Do you know the IP? Ex-pat Nightlife
2002.11.11 Taking A Bath Public Nudity in Korea
2002.11.16 Where everybody knows your name... Making Friends with Koreans
2002.11.25 I Eat Lice Dogs, Bugs and other delicacies
2002.11.30 God's Gift To Men Korean Beauty, and Newspapers
2002.12.7 Home, Sweet Home. Changwon City
2002.12.14 Hit Me Baby One More Time Korean Pop Music
2002.12.24 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Martial Arts
2003.1.4 Suspicious Minds Anti-American Sentiment
2003.1.13 Die Another Day Dishonesty, and Hiking Mishaps
2003.1.18 Skinheads and Swastikas Temples, and James Bond
2003.1.27 Culture Shock Just when you think you've adapted
2003.2.7 Happy New Year! Fun with The Lunar Calendar
2003.2.14 Valentine's Day Fun with Festivals
2003.2.22 Return To The Rising Sun Korea / Kyoto contrasts
2003.3.3 The Final Frontier The D.M.Z.
2003.3.9 The Blues Brothers Nightlife in Busan
2003.3.16 For The Common People The Korean Alphabet
2003.3.23 Speaking Of Learning The Language The Local Lingo
2003.3.31 And The Oscar Goes To... Best Korean Movies for Foreigners
2003.4.7 A Weekend In Seoul Where Every Korean Wants To Go
2003.4.14 The End Of The Affair The Last Word