Melmoth Joins the M.I.B.

Here's a bitta filk you might enjoy, myself and Hjalkar came up with it.
BTW, the lines flush against the margin are the Asha'man's whereas those indented are sung by Taim(andred) himself.

The Men In Black.

Uh, woooo...
Here come the Men in Black
It's the M.I.B.s
Uh, here come the M.I.B.s
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
The Witches will be severed.

Nah, nah, nah

The good guys dress in black remember that
Just in case we ever come face to face and make contact
The title held by me...M.I.B.
Means though we all go mad, we go free.
So don't faint -
Taint that was there will be gone
Black suit with the
High black collars on.

Walk in Shadow, move in silence
Guard against all Ba'alzamon's violence
But true we're on the Tower's hit-list
So we don't exist
Hide behind the Mirror of Mists

Saw something strange
Watch your back
'Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.s is at
Uh and...

Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
The channeling Defenders (Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh)
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
Shaido will be dismembered.
Uh uh, Uh uh

Now from the deepest of the darkest of night
From the chest, bright Light fills the Power fight
Witches swoon, end your impending doom
And then like BOOM, black suits kill Shaido fools.

With Air switches, beat up the witches
Then sever 'em, deliver 'em
In captivity, end their fantasies
They ain't no M.I.B.s

Lord Dragon please
Do what I say, the M'Hael knows how to 'fix' it
Ya know what I mean ?
If they live then they'll get wicked.

We're your first, last and only line of defense
Against the Seanchan and the Shadow's Curse.
So don't fear us, cheer us
If you ever get near us, don't jeer us
We're the fearless

M.I.B.s rolling the Shadow flat
Whats that stand for?
Men In Black.

Uh, and
The Men in Black
(The men in black)

Let me see ya just channel with me (channel with me)
Just channel with me
Just channel it with me come on
Let me see ya just kill with it (kill, kill, kill, kill)
Just kill with it
Just kill with it come on
Let me see ya make a Gateway with it (Travel with it)
Just Travel with it
Make a Gateway with it come on
And make those stones burst
Now shield ! (uh, oh oh)

Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
The channeling defenders (Uh, ohhhhh...)
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
The nations fear our tremor.

A right check it
Let me tell you 'bout the Chosen
I know I might seem imposing'
But trust me if black threads show in my reflection
Believe me it's for my own protection

Cuz we see things that you need not see
And we be places that you need not be
So go in the Light
Forget that Madness crap
Show love to the black suit
Cuz that's the men in
That's the men in...

Here come the Men in Black (here they come)
The channeling defenders (channeling defenders)
Here come the Men in Black (oh here they come)
The Chosen's true successors! (true successors)

( repeat , Fade )

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