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Fantasy Books I'm reading now.


These books / authors aren't listed in order of preference, and just becaue I include an author here, that doesn't mean I approve of his / her books or would dream of recommending them to anyone.

J.R.R. Tolkien.

Shall we mourn here deedless for ever, a shodow-folk,
mist-haunting, dropping vain tears in the thankless sea ?

A fire-breathing Dragon I'm not one of these fan(atics) who has read every single thing JRRT ever wrote including shopping lists and crossword solutions. I'm just a simple fan who has a good working knowledge and love for the Big Three - I often quote bits and pieces from books in my .sigs and here's a collection of quotations from Tolkien's books.

Ever noticed Tolkien's overarching influence on modern Fantasy writing ?
Well, there's a comparison of LotR's with "Sword Of Shannara" - see my Terry Brooks section for details.

Halls Of Tolkien is a terrific site providing many neat JRRT pics. Required link if ever there was one.

A Wheel, Serpent & Secptre jpeg from the Guide

Robert Jordan.

The rose petal floats on water
The kingfisher flashes above the pond
Life and beauty swell in the midst of death.

RJ is the author of the "Wheel Of Time" series.
He's also written other stuff which no one is bothered reading :)

There's a hell of a lot of WoT stuff on the Net, but here's a couple of things I've done myself, which I hope will be of interest -

BTW - For those who are interested in a little WoT Background Reading, I strongly recommend the works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

As I've said previously, there's a lot of web fandom out there, but some of the best place to look is -
The Wheel Of Time Index - this is the most comprehensiv listing of decent wheel of time fan pages.
It's part of the same site, but it's still worth it's own link, because the WoT FAQ from the people on the rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan group is such an essenti al reference.

Another good source of information is The Waygate, this was the very first WoT site I ever came across on the Web, and as such I'm a little fond of it. Also, it's becoming increasingly hard to find because of a seperate game called The Waygate, which often confuses the unwary searcher.

Finally, it's somewhat less important since the publicatioin of the Guide, but even so, if you haven't read
The Strike At Shayol Ghul a short short-stroy by Robert Jordan, it's worth a look, as its publication settled some questions that had been bugging us for a long time.

Terry Brooks

"The situation is more serious than I thought."
- Allanon

TB is responsible for three seperate series

I've done a little Shannara stuff myself, including

Obligatory Link - Anne's Page is probably the most comprehensive listing of TB related stuff anywhere.

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