Melmoth's SoS Timeline

There often seems to be a lot of confusion amongst fans of Terry Brooks about the chronology within each novel.

I re-read "Sword Of Shannara" and decided to clear this up by creating a Timeline.

Unfortunately things get a little confused after the company is broken, and TB has to pull a couple of tricks to join all the pieces back together.

But that notwithstanding, here's the Timeline - the adventure is far shorter than many people seem to think !

1) Al arrives in SV.

2) Al 'tells all' and leaves.

3) Rain.

4) Rain.

5) Rain.

6) Rain slackens.

7-11) Shea and Flick do general maintenance work.

12) Rains stop.

24) ML's invite and Balinor arrive, Skull Bearer etc.

25) Cross the Raahalladran. (sp?)

26) Leave the Duln and meet SB again.

27) Menion lays his plans.

28) Three reach lowlands of Clete.

29) Rain.

30) Rain.

31) Lost.

32) Elfstones used. Three sleep in Black Oaks.

33) Wraith attack, stones used, Menion lost.


35) ML: Fights Siren.

36) Friends reunited.

37) Al returns, saying Paranor defeated through treachery.

38) Company set out, end North of the Silver River.

39) Gnome attack in Pass of Noose. Al leaves.

40) City monster poison, and Hendel plays with Gnomes.

41) Day of rest in Storlock.

42) Everything up to where Shea is lost.








50) B&co: Bluffs lost. Eventine strikes at centre tower.


52) S: Awakens.

63) Arrival of S in Ty.

And then 'weeks later', Creel arrives in SV with the Elfstones.

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