Melmoth's Guide to "The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time"

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It was with mixed feelings that I read 'The World of the Wheel of Time'. On the one hand, the weighty (and expensive) book contained much information that the astute WoT reader would already have known, and to read through all of this materi al again was tiresome, especially considering the length of time we had waited for the book to be published.
OTOH though, there were some real gems of information hidden away amongst all the other cack.

So I've decided to create this Guide, in order to save others the drudgery (and expense) of reading the Book, and to point out, what I consider to be the real points of interest.

The facts which I've included here are mostly, although not exclusively, previously unknown WoT facts, but I've also included some 'old' knowledge where I thought it appropriate. Also I've included some of my own comments along the way, where I felt like expanding on what was in the text.

My Guide is, of course, open to improvement, and if you've read the Book An animated envelope.and have any suggestions about what should be included or excluded, then please let me know. Also, if there's anything here that isn't sufficiently clear, mail me and tell me where I need to give more background context or indeed any other suggestions.

Section 1 : The Wheel and the Power.
Chapter 1 : The Wheel and the Pattern.
Chapter 2 : The One Power and the True Source.

Section 2 : The Age of Legends.
Chapter 3 : The Age of Legends.
Chapter 4 : The Fall into Shadow.
Chapters 5&6 : The Dark One, the Forsaken and Darkfriends.
Chapter 7 : Shadowspawn.
Chapter 8 : The Breaking of the World.

Section 3 : The World Since the Breaking.
Chapter 9 : Formation of the White Tower.
Chapter 10 : The Rise and Fall of the Ten Nations.
Chapter 11 : The Second Dragon and the Rise of Arthur Hawkwing.
Chapter 12 : The Reign of the High King.
Chapter 13 : The War of the Hundred Years.
Chapter 14 : The New Era.

Section 4 : Some Narrative Paintings of Questionable Authenticity.

Just the cover paintings for the first seven books.

Section 5 : The World of the Wheel.
Chapter 15 : The World After the Breaking.
Chapter 16 : Shara.
Chapter 17 : Seanchan.
Chapter 18 : The Exotic Animals of Seanchan.
Chapter 19 : The Sea Folk Islands.
Chapter 20 : The Aiel.
Chapter 21 : The Ogier.
Chapter 22 : The Ways.
Chapter 23 : Tel'aran'rhiod.

Section 6 : Within the Land
Chapter 24 : The White Tower.
Chapter 25 : The Children of the Light.
Chapter 26 : The Military of the Land.
Chapter 27 : Andor.
Chapter 28 : The Borderlands: Shienar, Arafel, Kandor and Saldaea.
Chapter 29 : Cairhien.
Chapter 30 : The Other Naations.
Chapter 31 : Holidays and the Calendar.
Chapter 32 : The Prophecies of the Dragon - nothing of interest.

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