The War of the Hundred Years
The War of the Hundred Years lasted just over a century from FY994 to FY1117 are generally accepted dates for its beginning and end.
But by it's end the actual year could have been anything from FY1115 to FY1119

Again I just don't see the need for a new calendar. This upset is a third the length of the Trolloc Wars, and does not touch Tar Valon at all.

The Farede calendar was promulgated by the first Panarch of Tarabon, who sought to turn the country into the intellectual center of the known land.
Under this new system FY1135 (we think) was converted into Year 1 of the New Era.

The New Order
The Whitecloaks
Children of the Light founded in FY1021, over the next ninety odd years they evolved.

The New Nations
Twenty-four nations emerged (fourteen of which survive), these were - Almoth, Altara, Amadicia, Andor, Arad Doman, Arafel, Cairhien, Caralain, Ghealdan, Goaban, Hardan, Illian, Irenvelle, Kandor, Kintara, Mar Haddon, Maredo, Malkier, Mosara, Murandy, Saldaea, Shienar, Tear and Tarabon.

Malkier overrun by Trollocs in the autumn of 955NE, and by 957NE the Blight had completely covered Malkier.

However, the chapter on the Borderlands, gives the first date as 953NE.

Almoth, Caralain, Goaban, Hardan, Irenvelle, Kintara, Mar Haddon, Maredo, and Mosara all faded away until 600NE
By 800NE even the ghosts of the fallen nations had dissipated.

The Development of Andor
Ishara's mother, had been the daughter of the last king of Aldeshar before Hawkwing conquered it.
Souran was killed by assassins twenty three years into the way, and Ishara would have had a son succeed her had not all her sons fallen as well. To keep the line in control of Andor, her daughter Alesinde took the throne. Alesinde's sons also died in battle, leaving a daughter to ascend the Lion Throne. Over the course of the War of the Hundred Years, nine queens ruled and expanded Andor. By the war's end, the tradition was firmly established that only a queen would rule, that sons were to be soldiers, and the eldest son the leader of the armies.

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