The Reign of the High King
Military Conflicts

The next twenty three years were peaceful, notwithstanding nine recorded revolts, none of which gained any popular support.

Trolloc Invasion
Early in FY986 a massive Trolloc invasion came south at three points.

It's always struck me as odd that Ishy - or whoever - would try to take so much so quickly. Why invade Randland proper, the Waste, and Shara all at once - especially given the Forsaken's apparent conviction that Randland is what really matters. Wouldn't it have been far better to concentrate all of the resources in Randland proper and just maybe achieve victory. Then once your hold there is firm....
In a series of seven major battles culminating at Talidar in the summer of FY987, followed by the death of his second wife Tamika, from unrecorded causes, the following autumn.

Expanding the Empire
Aiel Waste : A near disastrous invasion of the Aiel Waste in FY964.
Seanchan : In FY 992 a force of incredible dimensions (~2k ships carrying over 300k soldiers and settlers) under the command of Luthair Paendrag Mondwin.

I wonder do the Seanchan still date years FF, or have they adopted some new system ?

Shara : The following year Hawkwing sent out another fleet of equal size from the southern ports, under the command a daughter of his.
Landings observed on the coast of Shara in FY993, with large numbers of ships burning in FY994, primarily in the same bays where the original ships landed.

Imperial Rule

Imperial Administration
He never inflicted any penalties on an area where a revolt occurred, only on those who had actually taken part.
Hawkwing appointed strictly according to merit, and took no account of birth or title.
No one was appointed governor over a province which they held any part of the nation they had been born in, and he made sure that soldiers garrisoned in a province came from yet another part of the empire.

Imperial Justice
Criminals were sentenced to hard labour rather than imprisonment.
He established schools which trained judges and advocates.
Everyone had the right to an advocate to represent them before a panel of three judges, and a jury selected from the census roles.
Judges and advocates never served in one place for more than six years, and were held to a strict code of ethics.
There was an appeals system, with the final appeal being to Hawkwing himself.

Imperial Policing
Hawkwing created a Civil Guard, which policed cities and large towns, as well as patrolling the roads.
Small parties of circuit rovers rode a regular pattern of patrol between even the smallest villages.

Hawkwing's Family

Marriage to Amaline Tagora was a love match, as evidenced by the Amaline Poems, which appear to cover the entire span of their marriage.
In FY942 Amaline gave birth to twins, Amira and Modair.
They also had another son and another daughter, but no other record of them survives.
In FY959 Modair dies in battle.
FY961 Amaline and the three remaining children die by poisoning.
FY961-965 Known as "The Black Years", or, "The Years Of Silent Rage"
His search for the murderers was harsh and unrelenting, with more than one hundred executions.
His initial treatment of Aldeshar, the last nation to fall, was certainly cruel.

Then came Tamika - nearly thirty years younger than Hawkwing.

A number of reports claim that she could channel, even that she was a renegade Aes Sedai, but this does not square with the reports of her youth.
Note: It seems unlikely that anyone would falsely claim to be AS, when you consider the fate of other luminaries who have done so, for example the Kidnapping of Queen Sulmara of Masenashar circa 450 AB when she claimed to be Aes Sedai.

In any case, at her behest he relented in his harsh attitude, and the empire relaxed once again.
Hawkwing met Tamika late in FY964 on his return from the Aiel Waste, and married her one year later. - Tamika Poems.
Tamika possibly credited for several refinements in administration and taxation added after FY 965.
Luthair Paendrag Mondwin was born in FY967. They had either three more children or four, but almost nothing is known of them, but that at least two were daughters - daughter Laiwynde.

Note: the Firsts of Mayene claim descent through a grandson named Tyrn.

Tamika dies in FY987, but there is no record of the cause.
Note : Tamika's relations with the White Tower were decidedly cool and distant, though certainly not hostile. In FY968 either Bonwhin refused to see her, or she refused a summons.

Relations with the White Tower

In the beginning Hawkwing showed no animus towards the Tower seeking their help in negotiations in FY944.
Every ruler who sent armies against Hawking, gained AS advisors, often as many as four or five.
Amaline is rumoured to have gone to the Tower in her youth seeking training, 'though she could not channel. She was said to be friendly towards the Aes Sedai, and generally adopted a pro-Tower stance.

In FY954 he accepts Chowin Tsao of the Green Ajah as an advisor.
Chowin Tsao is still his advisor in 962FY, but a letter in 967FY tells of a reconciliation following a five year absence.
By FY974 Hawkwing was making good use of Aes Sedai throughout his empire, where they often served as provincial governors.
AS now governed more than a third of the provinces in his empire.

In the autumn of FY974 Hawkwing dismissed all Aes Sedai holding posts within his realm.
In the spring of FY975 he put a price on the head of any Aes Sedai who refused to renounce Tar Valon.
By the summer of that year his generals had not only overrun all of Tar Varlon's territory, but they were laying siege to the city itself.
It is believed that Tar Valon would have fallen if it were not for the widespread, if unorganised, sympathy which resulted in goods being smuggled into the city. Also many nobles supported Tar Valon, but not openly.
In FY974 Hawkwing became convinced that Tar Valon was using him to increase its own power.

Bonwhin deposed by the Hall of the Tower in FY992, died in FY996.

Some sources claim that Hawkwing discovered Tower involvement in the deaths of his children.
In early summer of FY994 Hawkwing was stricken by a sudden illness.
On his deathbed Hawkwing refused an offer of Aes Sedai Healing that may have saved him.

It seems strange to me that such an emperor would not at least have made arrangements for the succession. Surely he should have appointed someone, and ensured the army and civil guard's loyalty to him or her.

Jalwin Moerad
The Jalwin Moerad theory is very popular with those who reject obvious causes.

Personally, this is Ishy, especially when you consider the 40 year cycle. I have seen some theories that it could be Mordeth, but there's no basis in fact for such speculation. It's Ishy, and that's that.

In FY973 he appears at Hawkwing's court, making his first entry into history.
Those who enquired into his background encountered fatal accidents.
Tamika was icily cool toward Moerad, but by summer FY974 he was one of Artur Hawkwing's closest advisors.
He was described as being 'more than half insane'.
Moerad seemed openly contemptuous of Aes Sedai
Within days of Hawkwing's demise he was advising Maritheelle Camaelaine - she is assassinated.
Ditto with Norodim Nosokawa until he dies in battle.
Again within days he's advising Elfraed Guitama.
In each case the person he begins advising seems to have stood the greatest chance of gaining overall control of the Empire.
Jalwin Moerad never aged from the first day he appeared until he disappeared 40 years later.

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