Holidays and the Calendar
Panarch Farede of Tarabon, who was the first Panarch and who tried to make Tanchico the intellectual center of the known world.

The months are: Taisham, Jumara, Saban, Aine, Adar, Saven Amadaine, Tammaz, Maighdal, Choren, Shaldine, Nesan and Danu.

Sunday, the longest day of the year comes in Amadaine, but is not a day of that month.
The Feast of Thanksgiving is celebrated only once every four years at the spring equinox, and the Feast of All Souls' Salvation is marked only once every ten years at the autumn equinox.
Folk can count on at least 105 to 116 days when no work is expected ( beyond that directly associated with observances ).

Selected Festivals :
The Feast of Lights : First Day or Firstday is considered a good time to give charitably.
High Chasaline : Also called the Day of Reflection.
Chansein : A day of wild indulgence in food ( Borderlands, and Arad Doman ).
Lamma Sor : Celebrated the day after the first quarter moon of Saban in the Borderlands, also called the Day of Remembrance.
The Feast of Fools : All order is deliberately inverted. Lord/Lady of Unreason/Chaos, King/Queen of Fools. Known as Foolday, in Baerlon and the Two Rivers.

You will of course have noticed that, put together in the right way, we can get The Lord of Chaos out of that. :)

Tirish Adar : From the rise of the first full moon in Adar to the rise of the next moon. In most northern countries no one sleeps more than an hour or two a night during that period.
Dahan : The ninth day of Saven, supposedly the date of victory in the Trolloc Wars.
Asadine : Ten days before Sunday, a day of fasting (the Borderlands, Cairhien).
Genshai : The third day of Tammaz. Brightly coloured ribbons are worn by both men and women.
Mabriam's Day : The eighteenth day of Tammaz, any sort of labour is avoided, young women play tricks on young men to indicate their interest, there are penalties awarded if a man manages to guess the identity of the woman responsible - ranging in a kiss from the woman to a kiss from everyone in her group.
Tandar : The ninth day of Maighdal. No one is supposed to let Tandar end still holding a grudge or having a disagreement with anyone. Some attempt to meet the letter in another way.
Low Chasaline : The eighteenth day of Maighdal. In most places a day of fasting.
The Festival of Lanterns : The first day of Choren. Paper lanterns are hung everywhere.
Bel Arvina : The first day of Autumn.
Amaetheon : The sixth day of Shaldine. Everywhere except in the Borderlands this is a feast remembering the dead, not is a sad way, but joyously.
Shaoman : The twelfth day of Shaldine. Oriented toward children, who are cosseted, praised, and given gifts.
Sunday : A festival and feastday at midsummer.

For me the disappointing thing about this chapter is that it gives you the names of all the festivals without explaining the source of those names. 'The Festival of Fools' is obvious enough, but most aren't. I'd love to know who Mabriam was for example, or what the Chasaline in High and Low Chasaline refers to etc. etc. After all, any old fool can put some letters together to come up with a name, but I'd like to think that Jordan has done a bit of background work on these festivals, and not simply strung them together out of nothing. I could say the same about the names of the nations past and present.

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