The Fall into Shadow
The record also not tell us Mierin's position on the team, though at least one source does mention Beidomon as "assisting her."

Using the One Power, in what was, they hoped, the last time saidin and saidar would be separated, Mierin and the team bored through to the source of the unusual power emanations.

All the baser motivations and emotional problems of mankind were enhanced and manipulated, enlarging envy, greed, and anger despite lack of any true motivating factors.

Those who served his cause were given promises of immortality, provided the Dark One was freed.

Provided that the Dark One was freed. Does this mean that the Chosen aren't yet immortal?
Also, what sort of 'immortality' is on offer ? Will they be truly immortal, or does the Father of Lies have a Osan'gar / Aran'gar 'immortality' in mind ?

These Aes Sedai came to be known as "Dreadlords."

As clear as mud. To put it gently, this 'expands' the definition given in the glossaries, which now seems a bit cheeky w.r.t its 'less well educated' statement.

This period of increasingly dark chaos lasted approximately one hundred years to one hundred and ten years after the drilling of the Bore, and was referred to as "the Collapse"

In a swift strike they made an attempt to free the Dark One completely and take control. This event was the actual beginning of the War of the Shadow.

Hoverflies were altered into deadly flying machines capable of striking from the sky. Shocklances and other tools of long-distance destruction were built along with suitable body armour.

The liquid white-hot fire was invincible, burning anything it touched into nonexistence.

Well, obviously not Callandor.
This weapon was used liberally by a year by both sides's makers placed the sword within the Stone of Tear and specially shielded it sometime during the Breaking.

..often armed with deadly weapons made at the cost of human souls,

In the first three years, large parts of the world fell under the Dark One's dominion, however indirectly, through human representatives. Over the next four years under Lews Therin's leadership, much of the territory was retaken, though not without reverses. At that point a stalemate was reached which lasted nearly a year.Then the Shadow began to advance again slowly at first but with increasing speed. According to the unknown writer of the fragmentary historical record, "It was as if with every step forward by the Shadow, disorder and chaos grew, and feeding on that, the Shadow gained strength, so that its next stride was longer, and the next after would be longer still."

Let the Lord of Chaos rule :)

The Dragon soundly defeated Elan Morin Tedronai, .., at the gates of Paaran Disen,

Some of his most trusted generals, including the favoured Tel Janin Aellinsar and Barid Bel Medar, betrayed him to join the Dark,

Shayol Ghul, the one place on earth where that, "thinness in the Pattern" makes the Bore detectable....a circle of seven female Aes Sedai and six male would travel there ...

A surprisingly small circle, but this isn't so strange given the earlier explanation.

Shayol Ghul, his touch had already transformed it from an idyllic island in a cool sea to a desolate waste

so powerful that using them safely required special ter'angreal. Without the ter'angreal it was certain that even the strongest Aes Sedai would be burned out by the huge flow of the One Power, probably within minutes.

This group was popularly called the Hundred Companions, though they actually numbered 113 at that point....ten thousand warmen,

a gathering of the thirteen most powerful Forsaken Aes Sedai...

Again the waters are muddy. It seems that the term 'Forsaken' refers not to our thirteen friends, but to those AS who went to the DO in the War of Power.

Forty-five of the companions were killed in the battle

ten bloody years of conflict

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