The largest nation in the land.
Andor was a province under Hawkwing's governor Endara Casalain.

Andor is a large country, part of which now contains what was once Aldeshar. However if the province of Andor contained the same region at the time, then Ishara's mum being the governor flies in the face of AH's rule of never appointing previous local rulers as governors.

The Daughter-Heir ascends the throne upon her mother's death or retirement, but there have been three wars for succession in Andor.
Caemlyn is its capital, the New City of which was built well under two thousand years ago, by men alone.

Armed Forces
Army, made up primarily of the Queen's Guard.
The uniforms of the Queen's Guard include a red undercoat, gleaming mail and plate armour, and a brilliant red cloak.
Long white collars hang over the armour and white cuffs gleam at the wrist. Their helmets are conical with barred visors, and they often carry lances with thin red streamers fluttering from their tips. High-ranking officers wear knots of rank on their shoulder. The Captain General wears four golden knots and wide gold bands on his white cuffs.

When Andor goes to war the Guard and the Army are commanded by the First Prince of the Sword, but the Queen often rides with them. In areas far distant from the capital, members of the local militia assume the livery and duties of the Queen's Guard, though they lack the polish of the guardsmen, and their uniforms are often threadbare.

External Relations
Andor has always been subject to pressure from the Children of the Light.
Andor and Cairhien have been at war more times than any two nations except Tear and Illian.

Andoran women usually wear dresses with square-cut necks showing little if any cleavage.
Dresses worn belted at the waist.
Commoners wear the same basic style of dress, but of wool, usually with higher necklines and with an apron.

The decrease in population has prevented her Queens from exercising their control of lands west of the River Manetherendrelle for several generations.
Baerlon and the mines are located so far from the centre of Andoran power that the last several Queens have had some difficulty maintaining their control over the area, saved only because there is no way for the miners to export the metals without going through the rest of Andor. The mines produce silver and gold as well as copper and iron.
One of these [ all but forgotten outlying communities ] is the Two Rivers.

I wonder what the other all but forgotten outlying communities are.

The largest village is Taren Ferry.
King Aemon made his stance two thousand years ago.

Just by-the-by, pg240 contains a lovely picture of a Gleeman's coat!

Interesting Features
Whitebridge : The bridge is believed to date from the Age of Legends.

There's a picture of the Whitebridge on page 242 which is good for a laugh if nothing else.

Tower of Ghenjei : set back from the river Arinelle's edge, is a featureless tower of burnished steel standing two hundred feet tall and forty feet in diameter

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