The Borderlands
Borderlanders have erected signal towers all along the Blightborder at half mile intervals.
It is law in all the borderlands that no man may hood his head or hide his face inside a town's walls.

Malkier fell to the Blight in 953NE, the year Lan was born.

Except of course that the book also says it was overrun by Trollocs in 955NE. :)

In 979NE Moiraine Sedai bonded him.

The struggle to survive on the Blightborder affects every aspect of a Shienaran warrior's life and thoughts.
Ask any soldier what three things he values most, he will almost certainly answer the following:

Military :
All mounted Shienaran warriors are known as lancers because of the fighting lances they carry. They are certainly the finest heavy cavalry in the land. ...with most fighters wearing one or two long-swords strapped to their backs and all wearing a broadsword, axe, or mace at their belt. Armour is usually a combination of leather, mail and plate, often covered by a surcoat with the Black Hawk upon it. Their powerful warhorses are armoured as well, with steel barding protecting the vulnerable head neck and chest

Ruler : King Easar of House Togita.

Forts : At the centre of Fal Dara a dry moat, deep and wide with sharp spikes embedded in the bottom, and a second defensive wall studded with more towers, protect the inner keep.
Ankor Dal holds the eastern marches and guards the Spine of the World.

Is made up of more rugged country than Shienar.

Appearance : Men wear their hair in two long braids, usually with silver bells on the braid ends.
Most of the natives are pale skinned, and have unusually large eyes.

Military : They always wear two swords , both strapped to their backs, one hilt over each shoulder, and are capable of using both at once, one in each hand.

They all wear two swords, and they're all capable of using both at once - does that ring true?

Developed a skill for trade.

Appearance : Kandori men are easily spotted by their distinctive forked beards as well as one to three silver chains worn over their coats. Kandori also usually wear an earring, and the earrings of some successful merchants guilds are quite ostentatious. Members of the nobility also wear chains over their coats and earrings.

Ruler : The Current ruler is Queen Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga.

Geography : Largest of the Borderlands. It covers more area than Shienar and Arafel combined.
Unbroken cliffs on the Aryth Ocean known as World's End.

Appearance : Distinctively tilted almond-shaped eyes.
Women wear a high-necked dress with long sleeves.

Military : Their equestrian skills are far superior to that of any other Borderland nation.
Finest light cavalry in the known world.
The Marshal-General is responsible for defending Saldaea and commanding the military.
War for Saldaeans is a family event, except for those missions inside the Blight.

Further Information : Many girls are quite skilled with knives or in hand-to-hand fighting.
Farmgirls are known for shaving the head of any woman caught poaching another's chosen male.
Steel is never drawn except when the wearer intends to use it.
Sa'sara - Ladies of the court are known for the subtlety of their seductions.

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