The Sea Folk Islands
The Isles
Most of the islands in the Aryth Ocean and the Sea of Storm are home port to the Atha'an Miere.
The best known and largest of the Sea Folk islands is Tremalking located southwest of Tarabon and Amadicia.
The Aile Jafar lies approximately due west of Tarabon,

Approximately indeed, when you consider that they moved place after book 1.

and the Aile Somera, due west of Toman Head.
Each clan or sept operates its own dry dock at most of the various island ports.

The People
The Atha'an Miere do not usually allow visitors or traders.
They are born on the water, and they die on the water if at all possible.
The Jendai Prophecy first spoken during those early years, held that the People of the Sea were fated to wander the waters until the Coramoor should return.

Does this mean that Rand will make them landlovers ?

Deep chocolate coloration of their skin.

Women of rank wear a fine chain, hung with medallions connecting the nose ring with one of their earrings. The quantity of medallions is directly related to rank, with high-ranking women wearing more medallions than those of lower rank.

The Sailmistress always wears a nose-to-ear chain, the medallions on it denote clan sept and rank. The Windfinder also always a woman, is second officer and chief navigator.
She uses her gifts and skills to aid her ship, and, if able to channel, to defend it from storms as well as hostile forces. Defence, as well as all trade, is managed by the Cargomaster, his is the first and final word in all trade negotiations and matters of defence.

Each clan is headed by a Wavemistress, chosen for life by the Sailmistresses within the clan from among themselves.
Her Windfinder has authority over other clan Windfinders.
A Wavemistress can be recognised by the greater number of medallions on her nose chain - usually they almost touch each other in a solid line from nose to ear - and by a two-tiered red parasol, fringed in gold that her attendants carry.
In turn the Wavemistress appoints a Swordmaster, usually her former Cargomaster, and often her husband.
The Swordmaster has authority over the other Cargomasters of the clan.

All the clans and septs, as well as the islands themselves, are ruled by a woman known as the Mistress of the Ships. - by election from among the Wavemistresses. She in turn appoints a Master of the Blades, usually her former Swordmaster and a Windfinder advisor who has authority over all Windfinders.
The Master of the Blades has authority over all the Swordmasters and is responsible for the defence and security of the Atha'an Miere.
The Mistress of the Ships can be recognised by the three-tiered blue parasol trimmed in gold fringe as well as a nose chain so thick with medallions that they overlap one another. Her Master of the Blades has a two-tiered parasol in the same colours.

Ownership : The ship is usually owned by the clan of the Sailmistress who captains him, if not by the Sailmistress herself, though occasionally a ship belongs to a clan different from those who sail him.
This only occurs if a ship incurs debt beyond the ability of the crew and clan to pay, then the ship and crew sail for their benefactors until the debt and all additional interest is repaid.

General Classes : Darter, Soarer, Skimmer and Raker - from smallest to largest.
The fastest class of ship is the raker, carrying three square-rigged masts.
Skimmer is also three-masted, but is broader in the beam and of a greater displacement - still usually much faster than any mainland ship of comparable displacement. The soarer a two masted vessel, while smaller than a skimmer is faster and usually quite agile.
The smallest of the vessels, the darter, can have one or two masts.
Rigging : The ships vary in their rigging. High-rigged means that the major sails on every mast are square sails.
Half-rigged means that at least one but not all masts carry no major square sails, but rather gaff sails.
Low rigged means that all masts carry gaff sails as the major or only sails.
A raker is always high-rigged, and it goes without saying.

The Amayar
The Amayar are in fact the source from which Sea Folk Porcelain, and fine glassware originate.
Amayar are shorter and much fairer than the Atha'an Miere, yellow or light brown hair, and blue or hazel eyes, about equal to the people of Cairhien in height, usually rather stockily built.
Water Way which prizes acceptance of what is rather than what might be wished for.
What we call reality in not truly real but only a waypost on the path to another existence.
Violence is frowned upon.
Intermarriage between the Atha'an Miere and the Amayar is unknown.
Sea Folk's benign rule and fair dealings.
They neither desire to travel across the water and try selling these things on the mainland themselves, nor wish to have strangers disturb the tranquillity of their lives.
By Sea Folk law, any Amayar who wishes it must be granted the gift of passage, and no gift may be accepted in return.
Governors are appointed from amongst the Sea Folk - benign neglect.
There is no record or even rumour of any sort of rebellion or protest against their rulers.

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