The Wheel and the Pattern

A universe in which the major controlling factor is the Wheel of Time and the Great Pattern it spins.

One of the factors, I wonder what the others are ? The Creator, the DO ?, yet I got the impression from the end of tEotW that the Creator wouldn't / couldn't intervene.

The Wheel, put in place by the Creator, is time itself

The fabric it weaves is constructed from the threads of lives and events

I wonder what could be done with the threads of events.

Within the influence of this Lace of Ages are not only the earth and stone of the physical world but other worlds and universes, other dimensions, other possibilities. The Wheel touches what might be, what might have been, and what is. It touches the world of dreams as well as the waking world.

With every pass the changes vary to an increasingly greater degree.

Prophecies are believed and heeded, since they tell as much of what was as of what will be.

In a word : bullshit.

The Wheel spins out ta'veren whenever the weave begins to drift away from the Pattern. ..thought to be part of the Wheel's own correcting mechanism.

The more change needed to bring the Great Pattern into balance the more ta'veren spun out into the world.

Has the DO had more success than is apparent, if the prophecies speak only of one ta'veren, and we get three?

But even the Wheel requires energy to maintain itself and it's pattern. This energy comes from the True Source.

The only known forces outside the Wheel and the Pattern are the Creator, who shaped the Wheel, the One Power that drives it-as well as the plan for the Great Pattern-

So why isn't the Pattern inherently and explicitly good ?

and the Dark One, who was imprisoned outside the Pattern by the Creator at the moment of creation. No one inside the Pattern can destroy the Wheel or change the destiny of the Great Pattern.

So Lanfear's plan to challenge the Creator with the two super-sa'angreal was a load of hogswash?

Even those who are ta'veren can only alter but not completely change the weave.

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