The White Tower
In the Age of Legends the world was thickly populated with no lands left unclaimed.
After Hawkwing's death however the population began a gradual decrease that the chaos of the War of the Hundred Years alone does not account for. This decline has continued until the present.
Some believe it is simply a by-product of the world's forced return to more primitive ways.

I'd certainly like to know how Randland's gotten more primitive since AH. What's the difference ? Military science isn't what it was, but apart from that, what's really changed?

Some theorise that it has been caused by the increase in the Dark One's touch through the weakening seals.

Chapter 24 - The White Tower.

The White Tower was first established in 98AB.
cf flag pg209.

Few Aes Sedai recruit.

Verin and Alanna seem to have no problems doing so. :)

It is preferred that applicants come to the Tower themselves.
Tower usually has refused to accept any novice over the age of eighteen as too old to adapt to the discipline.

Aes Sedai Ages
One who is old enough to be a great grandmother may have only a few gray hairs and will have no lines or wrinkles. Aes Sedai live much longer than non-channelers, because channeling actually slows the ageing process.

The most common Talent is Healing.
Other major Talents include -

There is no law concerning their numbers.
The bond gives the Warder the ability to go without food or water, or rest for long periods of time, and the ability to sense the taint of the Dark One at a distance, as well as the gift of quick healing.
It does not tell her the actual distance.
There have been cases of the Aes Sedai marrying their Gaidin.

Elisane Tishar reigned as of 98AB but we're not too sure when she begun.
Since the breaking only three Amyrlins have been stripped of stole and staff. The first Tetsuan, was rumoured to have been involved in the betrayal of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars, she was Red.
Breakdown of Amyrlins, since AH, by Ajah : 11 Blue, 9 Gray, 7 Green, 5 White, 3 Yellow, 2 Red.

The city of Tar Valon is governed by a council of Aes Sedai chosen by the Hall of the Tower.
The White Tower is ruled by the Hall of the Tower which creates all official policy.
The Amyrlin Seat is a member of all Ajahs and is considered to be of no Ajah.
Sitters are believed responsible to the head of their Ajah for their actions in the Hall.
The Red Ajah, the largest, is headed by a single woman.
The Blue Ajah, is also headed by a single very powerful woman, and is perhaps the most influential of the Ajahs, despite being one of the smallest.
The Brown Ajah is run by a ruling council.
Red Ajah membership comprises nearly one in five Aes Sedai, close behind comes the Green, followed by the Gray the Brown, the Yellow, the Blue and the White - it seems that these sizes have remained mostly constant since the Breaking.

Eyes & Ears
Each Ajah has one Sister as the head of the Ajah's intelligence network whose job is to compile and co-ordinate the information gathered.
No ajah ever shares all its information with the Hall. Or even with the Amyrlin.
Only the Whites and those who spend their lives at study within the Tower actually lack a personal information network.
Aes Sedai work more on tradition than on rules, and according to tradition, one sister will not interfere in what another Aes Sedai is doing unless she honestly believes it is leading to certain disaster.

Each Ajah occupies one of seven pie-shaped sections in the top half of the huge main Tower containing living quarters for its members as well as meeting rooms and workrooms reserved for that Ajah.
These sections are equal in size.

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