The Ways
The Talisman of Growing
The Talisman of Growing is a ter'angreal which is triggered by certain kinds of singing such as Ogier Treesinging.
It cannot create an entirely new Way between two spots, but it can make a branch grow from an existing Way, and the Ogier can sing this growing into a flower, the flower of the Waygate.

Within the Ways
Guidings - tall slabs of stone inlaid with Ogier script in metal - stand at every juncture of multiple Ways.
Signpost columns of stone, also in Ogier script, mark the entrance of each bridge and ramp.
Ranging in size from fifty to well over one hundred paces in diameter, these islands varied in shape from long ovals to perfectly round circles.
Some Aes Sedai documents suggest that the Aes Sedai who created the Ways may have placed traps for any Shadowspawn who might gain entrance. - there is reason to believe that such traps are no longer effective.

The Black Wind
For almost two thousand years the ways provided safe transit, then during the War of the Hundred Years they began to change.
Some say that it may be a parasite, natural to the Ways, but corrupted. Others believe that it was a remnant of the War of the Shadow that hid in the Ways and cannot find its way out.

And stayed asleep for 2000 years ? It sounds a little improbable. Besides why would an intelligent creature of the Shadow try to help Mordeth ?

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